This is where I keep the best of the images I take while out and about. I try and photograph our ‘natural wonder’ as I like to call it in my own unique way. A lot of what I hope to capture is the day to day stuff we don’t stop to look at long enough. I always carry a camera with me so I never have that ‘I wish I had my camera’ moment.

I don’t carry any of what most photographers call ‘gear’. I just have my trusty Canon Camera, currently a 6D MkII with two lenses, telephoto and landscape . I continually keep an eye out for what might make a good photograph, everywhere I go. I’m mostly looking for landscapes as you can see. I guess my photography ‘thing’ is Minimum Gear, Maximum Impact. I feel very strongly that my photographs have to stand on their own two feet without any ‘photoshopping’.  I use the camera settings and things like perspective, composition, height (low or high) and depth of field, to best capture what I can see in front of me. (I do use Adobe Lightroom for minor corrections and fixes.)

All the photography on here is for sale, which is why I have set this page up. It gives me a chance to explain more about the images and hopefully sell one or two.

If you wish to get in touch to buy any images or ask any questions please email me at


I also have a much bigger site, more about words than pictures. I write stuff down for fun and for the amusement of others.


I have an instagram which is cleverly called @sandysviews come and say G’day.


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