I’m not going to say much here. These are reflective photographs. Photographs of reflections. I believe one of the key tenets of reflection is silence. So I shall add the briefest description. In case you want to visit the spot where the photo was taken.

Lake Rotoiti kayak
Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes National Park
Himi beach reflection
Himatangi Beach, Sunset
Tern reflection focus
Your Tern
Fur Seal ignoring
Fur Seal, Himatangi Beach. Manawatu, New Zealand.
Himi awesome clouds
The beach is a road, Himatangi Beach.
Manawatu River reflection
Manawatu River, Foxton.
Seagull sunrise
Snells Beach, Kawau Bay.
Boat reflections
Near Nelson, pre dawn.
Best Scottish Reflection1
Scottish Loch
Autumn reflective pond
Rangitikei, Moawhango Valley. Near Taihape.
Autumn pond 3
Shillinglee Pond, West Sussex, England.
Scottish Loch
Loch Arkaig. Western Highlands of Scotland.

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