I spent a couple of days in Queenstown, for work. Lucky me. Much of the trip was inside but I was able to get out for a wander about. Fortunately you don’t have to walk far in Queenstown and surrounds to see the awesomeness. Herewith, a couple of snaps while I had a moment to take them. This can be a travel blog thing. For people who like to travel and read about travelling. I think it qualifies as a travel blog because I took photos of a tourist destination.

The obligatory wing shot on the way into Queenstown.
The mountain range is called ‘The Remarkables’. Can’t imagine why.
Same mountains, different day. Those awesome clouds go by the name of ‘Lenticular’.
Sunset over Lake Wakatipu. Looking South if you are interested in that sort of thing
Same view, slightly different spot, different time of day.
On the hills above Arrowtown. I thought the colours and textures of the trees were cool enough to Photograph. It’s my camera, I get to choose that sort of thing.
That’s a New Zealand Falcon, not the Swamp Harrier. The Falcon is pretty rare and even harder to photograph. This was a good day.
Because who doesn’t like a photo of an old derelict cottage?
Chinese Gold Miners huts in Arrowtown. Small.
I liked the juxtaposition of Spring blossoms and snowy peaks. Arty and all that.
There’s a famous tree in Lake Wanaka which everyone with a camera feels compelled to photograph. This isn’t it. This is a small Willow tree beside Lake Wakatipu which I’ve decided can be ‘That Queenstown Tree’. It looks striking early in the morning with the sun on it. Which is superfluous explanation really.

Queenstown, probably New Zealand’s most famous tourist destination. It’s nice there.

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