City Surfers

For the sake of clarity, I don’t surf. I don’t even swim in the sea. I know that if I do I’ll be eaten by a Great White Shark immediately upon entering the water. People might say that’s a phobia. I however know I simply have a rational fear of a dangerous predator. That aside, I love the sea and love being near the sea. I also like photographing sports. I’ve decided one of my favourite sports to photograph is surfing. So here are some surfing photos. All of these were taken in Houghton Bay which is just 15 minutes or so from the Wellington CBD on the South Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Hence the title City Surfers. I’m not going to write captions for the photos because that would be superfluous. I hope you enjoy the images. GrimaceMarch Surf 1March Surf 2March Surf 3March Surf 4March Surf fall 2March Surf pair 1March Surf swimmers 1March Surfers 5March Surfers 6March Surfers board 1March Surfers board 2March Surfers coolestMarch Surfers Eyes shutMarch Surfers fall 2March Surfers high and lowMarch Surfers point 1March Surfers rainbowMarch Surfers smileMarch Surfers styleMarch Surfers wipeoutPaddle boarder 1Paddle wakePaddleboard aheadSurfer 1Surfer 2Surfer 4Surfer 6Surfer dudeEpic tube surf

5 thoughts on “City Surfers

  1. Great action shots Sandy. I wouldnt worry about sharks mate. I am about your vintage and still surf when i can get out of bed early enough. I have seen and swum with Orca and Bronze whaler sharks and never been bitten. Too ugly and old i guess.


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