I was trying to think of a clever title, but I couldn’t come up with one so you get the obvious instead. A handful of photos of Dolphins taken from various spots in and near Wellington Harbour over the past few weeks. I’ll start with them quite far away as I stood on the shore and then we’ll get a bit closer, keep scrolling. Taking a photo of a Dolphin leaping out of the water is really hard. So I’m very pleased with how the airborne Dolphin shots came out. If you like a Dolphin, hopefully you’ll enjoy these images.

Dolphin Watcher
So, they were out by Moa Point, which is where the Airport is when I saw them first.
Dolphins AIr NZ
As I said, near the Airport
Dolphins Lyall Bay at Airport
No, seriously a lot of Dolphins
Dolphin 1
It’s like a Dolphin scrum.
Ferry Dolphin best
Now let’s get a move on. This next lot of photos were taken from the side of the Cook Strait ferry, the Interislander.
Ferry Dolphin double
Then there were two.
Ferry Dolphin dive
You’d do that too if you could, wouldn’t you?
Ferry Dolphin pair
Coming at ya’
Ferry Dolphin scar
Going back in.
Ferry Dolphins leap
You can practically hear it squeaking, whoooooooo Hooooo!!
Ferry Dolphins Four
Surf’s up!

Cool ay? Who doesn’t love Dolphins?

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