I’ve lived in Wellington for about 6 months now, it’s not the first time I’ve lived here. Last time I lived in Wellington in 1990, was for about 6 months. That’s not to suggest it’s time to leave though. Not a bit of it. Not yet anyway. A selection of random shots from around Wellington, not so much in Wellington, as around it.

Erskine College, Island Bay. Derelict old convent school, probably haunted.
Winter in Island Bay. I live in Island Bay so you may experience a bias in these photos
Sunset in Island Bay, see? Bias.
That Island is called Tapu te Tanga. It’s in Island Bay.
That’s the way in to Wellington Harbour. If you come by boat that is.
Surfer dudes at Titahi Bay.
Wellington from Wrights Hill, long exposure to get that cool line of light thing on the motorway from the Hutt Valley.
Oh look, it’s Island Bay again. Actually this is Houghton Bay, the next bay along.
Cool clouds above Owhiro Bay. The Kaikoura Ranges in the distance, 200 kilometres distant.
Pauatahanui, Porirua Harbour, Not many Paua in there though I reckon.
Pencarrow Lighthouses at the Wellington Harbour Entrance, for when one Lighthouse isn’t enough.
Pilot boat escorting a container ship out of Wellington.
Cool Sunset clouds above Makara, making the huge wind turbines look puny.
Sea thing. Karaka Bay
Boat shed thing in Lowry Bay. Hasn’t stored any boats for a while. Not sure what it’s for now.
Chopper dude, Lyall Bay. Probably reading ‘Zen And The Art Of Bicycle Maintenance’.
Tararua Ranges above the Hutt Valley. Taken from Oriental Bay.
Those rocks are really big. This was the day after the ‘Great Storm’. I call all good storms, the ‘Great Storm’. It amuses me.
The Interislander ferry heading for the South Island. I take this boat every month. There and back, obviously. Otherwise I’d live in the South Island now.
Kite Surfer in Lyall Bay. Good and windy.
Dolphins AIr NZ
Two things, Air New Zealand didn’t crash into the hill and the sea is full of Dolphins, Lyall Bay.
Colourful garages 1
Colourful, in Lyall Bay.
Wave photo
He survived, so did his cell phone. He actually ran away. I also have a photo of that.
I believe those shed are empty and the land soon to be used for something more modern. Flash apartments would be best. Wait and see.
Epic tube surf
OK, so this could be anywhere of course, but this cool surf shot was taken by me in Wellington. Houghton Bay to be precise. 
Wrights Hill Awesome cloud
That’s a Nor’Wester blowing above Wrights Hill at Sunset. Windy Welly.
Miramar Peninsula, in the mid-ground.
Oriental Bay, people walk along the waterfront there, or run in colour co-ordinated lycra wearing headphones carrying an unnecessary water bottle.
The Road to nowhere, one of those ‘there and back’ sort of roads.
Like everyone, I love a brightly coloured boat shed
Spring, Princess Bay. Pretty.
Boat shed in Ivey Bay, Paremata.  Actually many boat sheds. Just that one is more obvious.
The Classic Cable Car shot, you can buy a postcard just like this one.

So there you go. There’s much more to Wellington of course. But I’ve had enough of thinking up things to write in captions now. You could always visit and see for your self.

New Gear

IMG_0126I’m going to try to create at least one blog post a month. I’ve been slack, well only in writing blog posts. I’ve been out and about an awful lot and taking a lot of photos. But have been neglecting this bit.

The big news is that I finally have my dream gear. Anyone who takes photography reasonably seriously will know that the right gear is important, they also like to have a lot of gear. The ability to ‘see’ a photograph is actually more important, all important. But you need the good gear to be as awesome as possible.

So camera gear is really important to keen Photographers. I actually don’t have much though. My thing as you should know by now is ‘minimum gear, maximum impact’. I still need a tripod. As an observation, the WordPress Blog Website sucks a bit of the awesomeness out of the shots, you really do need to click on each photo to see the best quality.

Back to the gear. My needs/wants were quite specific. I needed the ultimate multi-purpose but best quality lens for the landscape and shooting on the move stuff. I also wanted a good quality telephoto lens for wildlife and sports. Finally I really wanted a Full Frame camera. I now have all three. I should still get a tripod though, I have my eye on one. The details on the Camera and lenses if you are interested are:

Camera – Canon 6D

Telephoto Lens – Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM

General Purpose lens – Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS

So…What can one do with the good gear? Let’s have a look.

Kaka colour
That’s a Kaka. A New Zealand Parrot. It’s a cool characterful bird less well known than our most famous Parrot, the Kea. But look at the clarity and colour.
Saint Gerards
Saint Gerards Monastery above Oriental Bay in Wellington. I don’t think there are any monks there anymore.
Ships bow
The Blue bow of a boat. The boat is a cafe, Wellington has a lot of cafe’s.
South Island dusk
Looking across the sea to the Kaikoura Ranges in the South Island from Island Bay in Wellington. About 230 kilometres away. You’re supposed to also notice the calm reflective rock pools in the foreground.
Jetty mirror
Derelict Piers at Miramar in Wellington. Mostly used by Seagulls.
Plateau Bend
State Highway One approaching Waiouru at 8:00am on a Sunday Morning. I was just passing through. That’s frost on the ground, not snow.
Barn, Wairarapa. Needs work.
Railway Escarpment
I don’t think the Railway Escarpment Nature Reserve is out there. I could be wrong. I might have been standing on it.
Ruapehu Mirror
Mt Ruapehu, reflected in a puddle to add a little something to a hard mountain to photograph.
Saddleback foraging
That’s a Saddleback foraging, shot in quite dark woodland. fast moving bird, in the dark forest. Looks like daytime.
Titahi Bay bright Boat Sheds
I didn’t really want the pink polar fleece clad local in the shot, but it’s her shed. Boat Sheds at Titahi Bay.
Wrights Hill Awesome cloud
That’s what the classic Nor’Wester looks like. Just like that.
City ship
Handheld shot of Wellington from the Interislander Ferry. Taken in the dark, without a tripod. Tripods are useless on the ferry.
Tory Channel fishing
You should have seen what happened about 5 minutes before I took this photo. Put it this way, this was almost a news story rather than a photograph.
Box Bridge
Bridge. That’s all you need.
That building on the left is a Cafe, in Nelson. This is Tahunanui.
Early in Marlborough. There are 5 Alpaca’s just out of shot to the right. They are cute, they are not locals as a general rule so I excluded them as they made the simple photo require too much description. Alpaca’s would not have enhanced this photo.
City half light
Wellington waterfront. from the ferry. I like lights on the water.
High Tide
This is a boat called Click in Nelson. With snowy mountains over there.
Spoonbill wading
The Royal Spoonbill. You don’t see a lot of those about.
Wellington evening long exposure
This is from the top of my street at night. Well early evening to be precise. Had I mentioned I have moved to Wellington?
Heath Goal strike
Finally, I did mention sport, this is my nephew, scoring a goal for his soccer team.

I’m in love with my new camera gear. I still need a tripod though