Change Of Scenery

I travel around a large chunk of New Zealand a lot, I also regularly visit other parts of New Zealand than my local bit. I’m always on the lookout for something pleasing to Photograph as hopefully these pages will show. I trust you are enjoying the images so far.

However…On my travels, I see other stuff, the other New Zealand. The bits you don’t read about in the guide books, or don’t think of when you typically think of our country, or maybe you do but you take it for granted. I decided to document a bit of it. I set up a new Instagram account called @kiwiay for that purpose. Come and have a look, follow the account. I’ll be, or have been posting this sort of thing.

Rustic garden art or driftwood overload
Derelict dairy factory on the surf highway in Taranaki. In New Zealand we have many derelict buildings as monuments to our inability to pull derelict buildings down. So instead we often paint a cheery or quirky mural on one or more of the walls. This shows that as well as having a lack of efficient and effective reclamation facilities, we are also arty.
Old Holden
It’s road works season in New Zealand. Because it’s the end of the financial year, all the councils are spending the last of their budgets on dubious road maintenance projects to ensure they can maintain their road maintenance funding next year. In NZ we don’t have modern phased mobile traffic lights at our roadworks, we still have the Stop/Go sign being held by a person. This is Paul, a Stop/Go guy
Rail mural
Every old warehouse wall should have black and white murals and a dragons head sticking out of the wall
Surf Inn
We sometimes like to give amusing and trade or location associative names to our drinking establishments. Opunake on the ‘Surf Highway’ in Taranaki is known for its surfing opportunies as is the rest of the Taranaki Coast. This obviously was once simply the Opunake Hotel, but has been revitalised and rebranded the ‘Surf Inn’. I hope they didn’t pay anyone too much money to come up with that catchy title. Which reminds me I must go out to Scott’s Ferry in the Rangitikei again
Top dresser 7
Time to start chucking some fertiliser on the paddocks ay? The good old top dressing Bi-plane putting ‘super’ on the farms of NZ
Kaos pass
Kiwis like going really fast any chance we get. We’re pretty awesome at motor sports of many kinds. This is Power Boat racing on the Manawatu river.
Ormondville Viaduct
Old wooden viaduct above our old farm in Southern Hawkes Bay. Notice all the excellent ‘health and safety’ and harm prevention measures in place. I don’t think this rail line gets used anymore
Letter boxes side view
5a is a bit farther along the track.
Air NZ
An aircraft from our national airline Air New Zealand making its way into one of our provincial airports. flying around New Zealand can be a bit hairy sometimes
Gun Tunnel Grafitti_
It’s nice that young people want to put their own flavour on the relics of the 2nd World War in New Zealand. Like in these old Harbour defence Artillery Emplacement tunnels
Busy Bee Dairy
The great New Zealand dairy. This is a fine example of this iconic establishment.
Eltham Nana Jaques
Thats a nice memorial to Nana Jacques, obviously much loved, I bet she’d be very proud.
Hawkes Bay Wool Shed Shutes
Shutes, for when the shearing is complete
Canterbury Maori Haka
No day is complete in New Zealand without a rousing Maori haka, I think this was just a practice one though, or maybe these Wahine were saying hooray to the South Island.
Cuba Espressoholic
Kiwis drink more coffee than just about anyone. Often served by someone who looks and dresses like a gay lumberjack
Footy is the lifeblood of New Zealand, some good mates enjoying the day.
Marton Racecourse 2
Wonder when the next race meeting is, I believe the last one was in 1980.
Opunake Dairy
Classic dairy, with updated paint job. Tip Top work. I’ve never been in that dairy.
This is the New Zealand pig, the kunekune. This is a happy one because he isn’t being made into bacon.

I’ll keep you posted, as it were.

Cuba Street

Cuba Street in Wellington is pretty Iconic. Cuba Street is where the cool people go, the bearded hipsters, the fashionable in mind and spirit. The wannabe’s and the once were. The right on, right now and the faded jadeds. The tattooed ladies and the skater boys. Cuba Street is a place of street food, expensive food and retro shopping. Vinyl records and vinyl furniture, probably. Quirky things on the street and in the shops. Cuba Street is colourful. I decided to spend a morning taking photos in Cuba Street. This is the work of one hour, one morning. This Sunday Morning in March.

There are many photos and (almost) no captions. Sometimes images speak for themselves.Cuba crossingCuba flamingoCuba CosmicCuba Corner graffitiCuba BurgerCuba BUBCuba BristolCuba Bristol walkCuba bookshopCuba blurred strollCuba 178 CubaCuba barbers at workCuba barbersCuba fixCuba FidelsCuba Fidels super cutsCuba EspressoholicCuba emporiumCuba Ekim BurgerCuba Dog graffitiCuba daytime moonCuba Cuba Bistro

Cuba Callum
That’s Callum, this isn’t Cuba Street, but is in Glover Park. Glover Park is just round the corner from Cuba Street. So almost Cuba Street
Cuba Craft Beer
Also not actually in Cuba Street, but nearby in Glover Park

Cuba flatsCuba flesh woundCuba FloriditaCuba FruttiCuba graffiti strollCuba IconCuba IrishCuba Karo DriveCuba Logan BrownCuba MallCuba matchboxCuba Wall ArtCuba VietnameseCuba ValhallaCuba touristsCuba topsCuba tattooCuba Swan_Cuba SanFranCuba RPRCuba RecordsCuba record shop

Berhampore Bus stop
OK, this isn’t in Cuba Street. This is Berhampore. But it’s very colourful.