Wellington Bays

Well not all the bays, the bays out past the Airport. Wellington is the Capital City of New Zealand. It’s perched in a little bay with all the houses nestled into a load of hills behind it. Most people think it’s quite a pretty little city. I was visiting a friend but was early, so decided to take the scenic route round the Miramar Peninsula rather than simply drive across town. I’m pleased I did because look!

Wellington cable car classic
Ok, it’s not a bay, but this is one of those ‘classic’ shot’s of Wellington and is as good a place as any to start. Plus there is a bay, down there.
City Centre
The Wellington Waterfront from Oriental Parade. The beehive looking building on the far right is called ‘The Beehive’. It’s where we store our politicians.
Oriental Bay
From Oriental Parade, no idea why it’s called that. People from Wellington like to walk along here, or run wearing lycra, earphones and carrying a water bottle.
Boat Sheds Evans Bay
Evans Bay boat sheds. Cool.
Worser Bay
Broken pier at Shelly Bay.
Worser Bay jetty
Another broken pier at Shelly Bay. Looking across towards Mt Victoria. It’s not really a mountain. That bit of Wellington on the hill that isn’t a mountain is called Haitaitai.
Miramar Peninsula Lighthouse
The Point Halswell Lighthouse on the tip of the Miramar Peninsula.With a guy fishing off it.
Miramar Peninsula
A busy sunday morning in Wellington. Heading into Kau Bay along Massey Road.
Karaka Bay phone box
Karaka Bay jetty, complete with old working phone booth.
Empty Karaka Bay Jetty_
That’s still the Karaka Bay jetty, or pier. I like a nice jetty, or pier.
Breaker Bay Pinnacle Rocks
Those are the pinnacle rocks looking across towards the Wairarapa from Breaker Bay. It was out there that inter island ferry, The Wahine, sunk in 1968. 53 People died.
Breaker Bay seagull
Flax Bay, over there is the very bottom of the North Island.
Breaker Bay boat
Upside down boats lend a pleasing aspect to a coastal scene. Flax Bay
Kaikouras from Moa Point
In the distance is the South Island, the Kaikoura Ranges about 250 kilometres away by ferry and road. Taken at Moa Point. That ship is a Cook Strait ferry, the Interislander
Air NZ arrival Moa Point
Air New Zealand arriving int0 Wellington, flying low over Moa Point. It can get a bit hair raising flying into wellington on a windy day. It’s often windy, mostly.
Island Bay
Looking across Island Bay. Time to turn inland.

So there you are. Worth the trip.


3 thoughts on “Wellington Bays

  1. This is my home turf and you have captured it so well. Loving all of your pictures. Thanks. What a wonderful country we live in and as you say that beauty is there all around us just to notice all the time.

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